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Receiving multiple email notifications for the same order

    Jan 30 2016 07:30:59



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    This problem only started today after years of successfully using Mals e-cart.
    I haven't done anything to the settings, or changed email address, but I am now receiving 3-4 identical email notification messages for the same order.

    Any ideas on how I can fix this?

    Cheers. Sonia

    Jan 30 2016 14:08:32


    Debbie Q

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    Is this happening with every order? If it is just an occasional order I would suspect the customers are clicking more than once. Maybe a lag in the server so they think it has not gone through. Or maybe Mal is trying to fix the order notifications. I often do not get any! Nothing you can really do other than wait it out and maybe try to keep track of common reasons it happens (like if they paid with PayPal or credit card) and then contact Mal directly if it continues to happen more than a few days.

    If you are getting multiple order notifications I would also make sure the customer is not getting charged multiple times or you will have some very upset customers.

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