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Re:Call me crazy.....

    Feb 02 2016 19:09:25



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    Well... I hope Alan answers the question also.... I didn't know it was an absolute must.... I was just frustrated and have read almost everything I could find (over and over).

    We are using the link method for selling CD's.
    Option 6: Calculated by quantity in bands.

    Since we were only selling CD's this worked for us because we knew offhand what the weight was for the CD's and selling in bands worked for us
    Here's a copy of the link we are using for our CD's.

    Now we are selling decorative bottles which of course has a heavier weight. So if someone buys CD's and say one decorative bottle, or just a CD buy itself......?

    Someone has suggested "increasing the units value to the acct for the new products". Sorry I don't understand how increasing the units would help weight wise.

    But I would love to be able to do this without dealing with zones - if this is possible.

    Thanks for any help and sorry for my ignorance.

    Leah.... :)