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Expedited shipping

    Feb 11 2016 14:41:17



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    I normally have free shipping for regular first class mail but would like the customer to be able to request Priority mail for faster delivery and charge $5 for this service. I've looked through the forum and other info but can't seem to get it right.

    Feb 12 2016 01:33:02


    Debbie Q

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    Set up 2 shipping zones. First class and Priority. Make First Class free and priority $5.00.

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    Feb 12 2016 21:41:15



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    Standard shipping options 4 or 6 would be simplest;

    First Class
    1 ______ 0

    1 ______ 5

    Another method might be to offer it in the cart as a product. See cart setup / advanced settings / upselling. Debbie's way ensures the customer sees and makes the choice.

    Some shipping help documents are available at