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Can't add retail ground to zone - USA

    Feb 29 2016 21:08:37



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    Had cart up for a number of years, no problems. Went to add USPS Retail Ground (new name for Parcel Post) to the zone, along with Priority, which was already there.

    No matter what I change, only Priority shows up in the cart.


    Feb 29 2016 22:10:38



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    I'm aware of only two situations when an option will not show.

    One is where multiple options result in zero cost shipping in which case only the first will show.

    The other is where the carrier returns an error or "not available" response for that service for that package. I guess this is because the service is not available for the weight or between the locations.

    If neither is an obvious candidate I'd be inclined to email Mal for advice. And let us know the answer.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Mar 01 2016 00:51:11



    Join date : 2009-10-01      Posts : 13

    Already emailed him.... Will respond back when he responds...

    Has to be an API issue, since Priority and Express work, and Retail Ground can ship anywhere Priority can ship. Retail Ground does not show up as an option.