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Please Help! Credit Card Information not coming up or making it to gateway

    Mar 04 2016 17:22:51



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    My merchant and gateway directed me to ask MAL's support about this issue:

    When an order is placed from my store
    The persons information is taken but no screen ever appears to accept their payment method and credit card etc.

    After speaking with both customer support departments (gateway and merchant) they've agreed there is some cart setting or cart software error happening and I can't seem to find any kind of error in my account on my end.

    I was sure the entire thing would work, the cart page looks good and the site integration seems good too.
    I've placed an order fro myself and all I get is the order in my MAL's account with no way to process the payment! User: A0397364

    This is the last bottle neck to my business being able to function. If there was a number to call I would pay to talk to someone at this point.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

    Mar 04 2016 18:29:17


    Debbie Q

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    Do you have a paid up premium cart and have you set up the gateway in Mals?

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    Mar 04 2016 19:08:01



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    Debbie Q said Do you have a paid up premium cart and have you set up the gateway in Mals?

    Hi Debbie,
    I have a paid account.

    It took some phone time with a good customer service rep at NMI.

    Here is the trick to get things working.
    There is a custom gateway wizard in the right bottom corner of the page in gateway setup.
    This is the only way to get NMI gateway services linked up to the MAL's account.
    Without doing this an order will fall into the MAL's account but the user is never redirected to the quick click page that actually processes the payment

    As soon as the right information was in place a new already selected bubble appeared on the MAL's shopping cart page in the same area as the terms and process button