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SagePay Timing Out

    Mar 07 2016 13:55:03



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    We have recently started using SagePay for payment processing and have experienced a surge in incomplete transactions. SagePay are saying it is a time-out issue. Has anyone any experience of this and know what the solution is?

    Mar 07 2016 16:42:52



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    A time out is when you call on a server from a web browser using a http request and that server takes too long to respond.

    Talk to Sagepay.

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    Mar 08 2016 09:38:50



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    We had a flurry of 'timeouts' some years ago without any obvious, to us, reason.

    The Sagepay log regarded them as customer timeouts, i.e. they sat and waited and then gave up and left the page. Is that what you mean by timeout?

    The transactions showed
    "Transaction CANCELLED by Sage Pay after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is normally because the customer closed their browser. "

    As I recall the customers generally thought they were waiting on Sagepay. I've just looked at the last twenty transactions and there was one.

    I think Australian transactions were well represented which supports GT's observation. The flurries subsided without any action by us.

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    Mar 09 2016 10:30:58



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    Thanks for your reply chaps. According to SagePay it is a Mal's script that is timing out. I'll get some more specifics from them. We're getting a 33% bounce rate now (used to be 5%)

    Mar 09 2016 11:20:57


    Ian S

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    Not sure if this is helpful to you or not but we use Sagepay in the UK, as well as PayPal, and have not noticed any increase in the level of incompleted payments over the last few weeks.
    We've had only 2 failures in the last 7 days (both the same customer) out of about 50 transactions.
    When we do see more than one or two a day we usually then see a whole bunch of them which we've assumed is due to a slow Sagepay server or something similar, causing the timeout.
    We're using cart version 1 with SagePay integration method version 3.

    Mar 09 2016 11:31:59



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    I think I may have got to the bottom of this. It was a mis-communication of the word timeout. It seems that if someone goes to the cart and does nothing for 15 minutes or closes their browser, SagePay creates a cancelled transaction.

    Therefore we would not have previously have seen these abandoned transactions, hence the apparent increase.

    I did find one problem which everyone should be aware of. If someone goes to payments not having selected a shipping zone, they end up on a page which takes them back to an insecure page.

    This means when they end up on the page where they enter their credit card details, there is no SSL padlock. If that happened to me, I would definitely abandon my cart.

    In reality, it is secure because there is an iframe to SagePay's secure payment page. However, most people would not realise this.

    So I went to the settings and ticked the box to make the address page secure and that seems to have solved that. I would strongly recommend everyone does this. A surprising number of people are willing to enter card details on a non-secure page but inevitably there is a large number who won't.

    Mar 09 2016 15:27:15


    Ian S

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    How does your customer progress to the payment pages without a shipping zone being selected?
    I didn't think this was possible and couldn't see a setting (after just a quick look it has to be said) where shipping zone can be selected as mandatory.
    I therefore assumed selecting a shipping zone was mandatory as a default setting.
    Maybe its different with other shipping calculation methods (we use option7)?

    Mar 09 2016 15:43:09



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    Yes shipping is mandatory. If you try and proceed to payments without yet having selected a shipping zone you are taken to a page which forces you to select one before you continue. It is this page that sets you on the path of non-SSL pages.

    In my view, it shouldn't be possible to view the payment page in non-SSL mode.

    Happily, ticking the SSL box for the address screen solves the problem. I'd recommend you all to check it as you might not have realised this route through the screens existed.

    Mar 09 2016 15:49:01



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    By the way, this setting is here:

    Cart Setup>
    Other messages and general settings

    The top option "Use secure pages for name and address" is the box to tick.

    Mar 09 2016 18:47:02



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 2986 mentions this and also the related problem for anyone using Direct to Payment pay.cfm with the V1 cart (pay.cfm isn't supported in V2).

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