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Re:SagePay Timing Out

    Mar 09 2016 11:31:59



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    I think I may have got to the bottom of this. It was a mis-communication of the word timeout. It seems that if someone goes to the cart and does nothing for 15 minutes or closes their browser, SagePay creates a cancelled transaction.

    Therefore we would not have previously have seen these abandoned transactions, hence the apparent increase.

    I did find one problem which everyone should be aware of. If someone goes to payments not having selected a shipping zone, they end up on a page which takes them back to an insecure page.

    This means when they end up on the page where they enter their credit card details, there is no SSL padlock. If that happened to me, I would definitely abandon my cart.

    In reality, it is secure because there is an iframe to SagePay's secure payment page. However, most people would not realise this.

    So I went to the settings and ticked the box to make the address page secure and that seems to have solved that. I would strongly recommend everyone does this. A surprising number of people are willing to enter card details on a non-secure page but inevitably there is a large number who won't.