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Item fields crossing over

    Mar 24 2016 14:11:17



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    I received an order today for three items. Two were correct, but one item had the incorrect item description. The product descriptions are coded into a field, namely:
    <input type="hidden" name="product1[]" value=" L217 Ladies' Fleece Jacket"> and
    <input type="hidden" name="product1[]" value=" L317 Ladies' Core Soft Shell Jacket">

    Within the order, the first item was correct, the second item listed the incorrect item number (L217) with the correct description and price. Here's the order detail in question:

    1 XL L217 Ladies' Fleece Jacket, Black, NSMC Logo 27.00
    1 Personalized: Intensive Care Unit 5.00
    1 XL L217 Ladies' Core Soft Shell Jacket, Battleship Grey, NSMC Logo 40.00
    1 Personalized: Intensive Care Unit 5.00

    The shopping page is here:

    I'm wondering how this could happen if the item number is coded into the same field as the description. I've been over the page code with a fine tooth comb to see if there's incorrect information anywhere.

    Any ideas?

    Mar 24 2016 18:11:23



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    Fitst, I would ensure the page is free of the 175 errors...

    Are you certain that page is the only one with that incorrectly named product?

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