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Setting up VAT

    Apr 06 2016 17:09:53



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    I'm having some trouble setting up how my shopping cart displays VAT. I am based in the UK and have set the VAT rate to 20% in the set up page.

    On my products page on my site, I'd like the prices I display to be inclusive of VAT.

    Within the Mal's tax set up page, whenever I check the box "my prices include sales tax" my cart always displays VAT as zero and keeps the subtotal inclusive of the VAT. It doesn't break it down.

    For example, if my product costs 12.00 including VAT then I would expect the cart to show a subtotal of 10.00 and a VAT amount of 2.00 giving a total of 12.00. At the moment, I can't find a way to do it.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Thanks .... Martin

    Apr 07 2016 05:01:31



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    Show on the page 12, but in the form, pass the value of 10 to Mals, VAT will then be added.

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    Mal's Forms / Scripts and the syntax are here.

    Apr 07 2016 09:13:05


    Ian S

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    Hi Martin,

    We've had the same problem for years and never found a satisfactory solution via the forum or Mal directly.
    Fortunately we rarely get it queried by customers as they presumably realise that the VAT displayed is the VAT content of the total. It does look strange through.

    We use mOrders to print our invoices so have adjusted the invoice templates such that the paperwork that goes out with the goods shows the VAT in the more conventional way.

    The other problem you may find is with regard to non UK customers in the EU who have a VAT number (in which case VAT is not applicable)

    For these customers the cart should deduct the VAT from the total but it doesn't. It displays the VAT content as zero but doesn't actually take it off of the total

    GT's solution may solve both these problems but in our case with thousands of forms to edit it's quite a task..


    Apr 07 2016 09:25:20



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    Many thanks to GT and Ian for your suggestions.

    I'll give GT's idea a go later and see if works for me.

    Ian, I'll probably be sending out printed invoices with the product so that part shouldn't be a problem.

    Thanks again .... Martin