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Shipping calculations

    Apr 12 2016 21:28:09



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    Thanks so much for your help with this.

    I'll play around with that for a while and see how it goes.

    It's getting late here so I'll probably sign off soon for the night.


    Apr 20 2016 07:59:06



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    Thanks for the suggestion Alive & Well.

    I'll definitely check it out.


    Apr 20 2016 10:54:41


    Ian S

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    Mindseye, would this work? :-

    Use shipping option 7

    Assign shipping units as :
    Large =3

    For shipping values:

    Up to 2 = 1.50
    Next 4 (so up to 6) = 3.00

    So 1 x small = 1.50
    2 x small = 1.50
    1 x large = 3.00
    2 x large = 3.00
    1 x large + 1 x small =3.00


    Apr 20 2016 12:08:37



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    Thanks for the suggestion Ian.

    I've been playing with numbers rather like this and it does make some sense although it gets tricky if someone orders more items than 2. I guess I'll just have to approximate and keep it reasonable.

    Does anyone know of a plugin calculator that will work for shipping from the UK? I believe the Autioninc one is only for shipping from the USA.

    Thanks to everyone that's offered suggestions with this.


    Apr 20 2016 14:22:26


    Ian S

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 169

    Hi again,

    You just have to add more bands of shipping costs to cope with multiple items on an order.

    We have a couple of thousand products and regularly get orders for 20 or more items on one order that can range from something very small and light to something relatively bulky.

    You can never be accurate to the penny but we have found that the key is to have relatively high numbers for the units values (don't try and use 1 and 2's typically) which then allows you to have a little more control.
    We have 5 or 6 bands of charges in each of 4 shipping zones.

    We typically assign a unit value of 1 per 10g of weight of the item.

    Only time we vary this is if an item is particularly large but relatively light - in the UK this goes to a new postage rate based on package thickness which we have to allow for.

    All food for thought - hope I haven't just made it more confusing

    Apr 20 2016 15:02:49



    Join date : 2016-04-06      Posts : 21

    Thanks Ian.

    I suspect my requirements are a lot simpler than yours. I'l be selling prints of my wife's paintings in just 2 different sizes so it'll either be an A4 or A3 cardboard protected envelope, although in some cases with more than one purchased print inside.

    I'm sure if I keep working at it, I'll find a formula that works.

    I haven't tried it yet but do you think the extra shipping facilities in the Premium Cart would help me?

    Thanks again .... Martin

    Apr 20 2016 19:17:45


    Ian S

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    We've been using the premium cart for as long as I can recall

    It's so cheap at about 15p a day, to be honest it's a no brainer to go for it in my opinion.

    I can't recall what shipping zones are included in the free version but the method I described earlier uses shipping option 2


    Apr 20 2016 19:22:53



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    Hi Ian

    Actually, I've been playing with the premium cart for an hour or so now. It's not about the money, it's extremely inexpensive. It may however, be a little over complicated for what I need but I'll keep at it and find the best way.

    Thanks so much for your help .... Martin

    Apr 21 2016 16:28:28


    Ian S

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 169

    Just noticed my typo on my last post - shipping option should say 7, not 2

    Apr 21 2016 16:47:03



    Join date : 2016-04-06      Posts : 21

    No worries Ian.

    I'd seen that you'd mentioned option 7 in a previous post and thought it was probably a typo.

    I'm still on the premium cart as I already have a Stripe account and I'm testing that out to see if it interfaces well with the Mal's cart. Unfortunately, Mal's doesn't appear to be forwarding on the buyer's email address and I've just written to Mal to try and find out what's happening there.

    Thanks for all your help.


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