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Order Management

    Apr 15 2016 15:40:34


    Derek F Thompson

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    As mOrders is not supported any more .. what are people using for order managment these days.

    Apr 17 2016 18:49:51


    Captain Dave

    Join date : 2011-01-25      Posts : 16

    I am a long time Mal's cart user running multiple websites....
    Below are several order management we have used and there are some commercial ones out there, as well.

    mOrders works fine, we use it every day. "Not Supported" only means there are not longer updates for the software.

    Mal's Quickbooks Manager software also works great for downloading orders into Quickbooks.

    There are several ways to do order management that I have used, there may be more...
    #1 Use mOders for keeping track on your orders and print pick lists. You can then run
    Mal's Quickbooks Manager to download your orders directly into Quickbooks. Note, make sure you have QB running on your PC first, then download and 'transfer' your orders into QB. The 1st time you do this you'll get a permission pop-up from QB asking if you want this 3rd party app accessing QB, just say yes. From QB you can print your customer Sales Recipes to send with the package.

    #2 Another method, if you are using Teapplix for multi site order integration (website, Amazon, eBay, etc...) is to use mOders to download your orders. Then in mOders you can export your orders into an excel spreadsheet. (get the upload template from Teapplix or other program) then upload the orders to Teapplix, or other order integration service. This works quick and easy. Note, you may be able to use the orders spreadsheet to upload to QBs, but I have not tried that, as yet.

    #3 More technical... you can use the Remote Call feature setup in you shopping cart to send the orders to a MySQL database. You can then use the orders data in your database for uploading into order management systems, or to produce spreadsheets for uploading.

    Also, for Inventory Management Remote Call works great for deducting inventory levels form your database (MySQL) for inventory control and to display the units in stock on your website, or to show the items as Temporarily Out of Stock (my wording) so it can not be ordered by a customers. We us this on hard to source items.

    Mal's cart has some really great features, if you can't find what you're looking for, post it in the forums. Cheers...