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Trouble with HTML for 'Buy' buttons

    Apr 18 2016 20:19:30



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    I'm having some trouble with getting my product description to display correctly in the cart. The code I am currently using for my product description is:-

    &product=Abbey 9&quot x 7&quot

    I want it to read: Abbey 9" x 7"

    This does display totally correctly in the cart when I press my 'Buy' button and you are taken straight to the cart. However, after hitting 'Continue Shopping' and then selecting the cart directly from my navigation menu, it displays like this: Abbey 9½" x 7½"

    If I leave off the fractions it's all ok.

    I have tried various things to fix it like using: ½ or trying to get the text to appear as written but nothing seems to stop the characters appearing in the cart when going there from my cart link and not from a 'Buy' button.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks .... Martin

    Apr 19 2016 00:47:43


    Debbie Q

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    I am not sure what causes the but I do see a couple errors and maybe they are part of the problem. 1) a hyperlink cannot include spaces. Put a + instead of a space. 2) You are missing the ; after &quot


    If all else fails maybe try 9.5 or email Mal directly.

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    Apr 19 2016 07:39:41



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    Thanks Debbie.

    As it happens, I had tried removing the spaces and adding the ; but to no avail. I havn't tried using a + for a space so I will give that a go.

    It's most peculiar as it works absolutely fine on the cart when one adds something to it and only goes wrong when going to the cart from the 'view cart contents link'.

    If I can't work it out, I'll drop Mal an email.

    Thanks again .... Martin