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Cart - No QTY & No Remove Button, or Products Linked together

    Apr 19 2016 16:20:19


    B Dill

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    We have a situation where we don't want a customer to remove the main item in the shopping cart without the 2nd item in the cart being removed at the same time, somehow linked together. As in, one item is the main item and the other is an accessory, which would be meanness to order without the 1st item.

    I know this is not your normal situation, but does anyone have any ideas?

    I was thinking a workaround may be to disable the QTY and Remove button in the cart, but there seems to be no way to do that in V2, or in the v2_advancedship_template.htm template.

    Apr 19 2016 16:50:52


    Debbie Q

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    No way to link them in the cart but you could have them added together before they go into the cart so they are one product. There is a script on GT's page that is listed in my footer.

    If you just want to disable the qty you can add a field in your product code called "noqty" There are three possible values:

    noqty=1 the cart displays the number as text
    noqty=2 displays a checkbox so the item can still be deleted
    noqty=3 displays a checkbox and a quantity in text

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