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Re:Shipping calculations

    Apr 20 2016 14:22:26


    Ian S

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    Hi again,

    You just have to add more bands of shipping costs to cope with multiple items on an order.

    We have a couple of thousand products and regularly get orders for 20 or more items on one order that can range from something very small and light to something relatively bulky.

    You can never be accurate to the penny but we have found that the key is to have relatively high numbers for the units values (don't try and use 1 and 2's typically) which then allows you to have a little more control.
    We have 5 or 6 bands of charges in each of 4 shipping zones.

    We typically assign a unit value of 1 per 10g of weight of the item.

    Only time we vary this is if an item is particularly large but relatively light - in the UK this goes to a new postage rate based on package thickness which we have to allow for.

    All food for thought - hope I haven't just made it more confusing