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Re:German characters , , and replaced in confirmation mail

    Apr 25 2016 21:11:12



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    It changed on 27th March, all my French orders were fine up till then and wrong after that, it's a real nuisance as the my French customers use a lot of accented characters as I'm sure do your German ones.

    I did put a line of text at the bottom of the shipping info stating (in French obviously) 'please avoid using accented characters in the name and address'
    It has reduced the problem but not eliminated it.

    I now have to manually change the offending characters when copying and pasting to the carriers site. Some also appear on the customers confimation and I can't change them. Let's hope it can be sorted.

    Out of interest, I did get an order confirmation on 23rd April about 1500 hrs, it was sent in a different layout to normal with a Times Roman fount and a bit jumbled up, but it did have the correct accents.