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PayPal rejects credit card

    May 02 2016 00:43:57



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    I'm a web designer and have several clients with Mal's carts that use PayPal standard. If a buyer has a PayPal account, PayPal prevents them from using a credit card, but doesn't explain this. The card is just denied. This makes extra work for the client dealing with orders that have no payment. Is there any way to fix this?

    We have added messages and text explaining things to the buyer, but it's still an issue.

    Jun 16 2016 05:56:21



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    We have had so many problems with PayPal rejecting credit cards. Yours is the first plausible reason I have heard for this happening. I have asked PayPal about this issue 3 or 4 times over the past years and their response is always the same: Call us again with EACH customer's credit card, name, date of sale, etc. etc. which of course isn't possible. I am frustrated beyond belief with this issue because some customers just give up and we lose sales. The quickest solution I have found is every time I see an unpaid order in Mals, I email the customer asap offering to send them a directly payment link (Money Request) from PayPal. For some reason, their credit cards work fine, first time, using these links. I wish there was some way to force PayPal to recognize and correct this issue. Our solution, unfortunately, is to look at leaving PayPal over the next year.