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switch from linkpoint to payeezy?

    May 03 2016 15:47:32



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    How do I switch from linkpoint to payeezy please? Both the original accountant and the IT guy that set this up are no longer with the company, and the new accountant is asking the new IT guy (me) to change over from linkpoint to payeezy. I found the page, but I don't understand what information it is asking for. Any chance someone can help me out? I apologize for such a broad question and so little detail.

    May 03 2016 18:02:14


    Debbie Q

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    Does this page help or is this the same as your page?

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    May 03 2016 19:15:42



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    Debbie Q said Does this page help or is this the same as your page?

    I can't figure out how to get to that page on mine. On mine, as soon as I log in, I get directed to, not sure what that means exactly. But yes it seems to have the fields I need.