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More granular data on custom cart template

    May 08 2016 11:51:22



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    I've been slowly building my new site up and getting my head round Mals Ecommerce, and in the main it is perfect for my business.

    I've had some great help from GT to build a custom form for banners, too.

    However now i'm having issues on the v2 custom templates for checkout/pay trying to drill down to the level i want.

    On the 'thank you' screen, all I want to pull through is the order number so I can build my page around it, but I only seem to be able to get the full page.

    I am using this code:

    <section id="cart_exitmessage" class="fluid">

    Thanks in advance.

    May 08 2016 13:33:34



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    Have managed to partially customise the message, but only want my fields to appear...