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Re:images in email notifications

    May 10 2016 08:04:40



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    Dropped an email to Mal who kindly got back to me with the following message...

    I'm afraid the cart doesn't store the URL of the image so it isn't possible to include them in the order notifications.

    Which leaves me in a bit of a pickle :)

    Noting as a layman: The cart obviously has access to the thumbnail URL before it sends the email notifications, presumably it just doesn't store them - are there any whizzkids out there who could devise a way of passing that info and sending it in a separate email if necessary?
    My problem is that when i receive the order all i get is a product code - which, while unique, is not intuitive when processing the order, whereas an image of the image requested is a precise description of the product ordered.
    Any ideas or alternative solutions would be much appreciated.