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International shipping rates and variables

    May 20 2016 17:09:31



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    I've a client who sells worldwide, but has a problem with shipping rates.

    They sell several items from quite small low price ones - low cost shipping, to larger higher cost ones - high cost shipping. Currently they have a flat rate per item, which just covers the larger item shipping cost, but is really way too costly for the cheaper lighter items. They feel that puts off some buyer when they are buying a small low cost item, especially the overseas buyers who have to pay more - they have 3 shipping zone rates currently - UK, EU, Rest of the World.

    There is also the problem of overseas buyers trying to get the "cheaper" shipping cost by not selecting the correct shipping zone at the checkout, and then cancelling the order when contacted to order again selecting the correct zone this time.

    Is something like this possible using the variables in the cart?
    Item 1 UK 2
    Item 2 UK 4
    Item 3 UK 6
    Item 4 UK 10

    Item 1 EU 3
    Item 2 EU 5
    Item 3 EU 7
    Item 4 EU 14

    Item 1 ROW 5
    Item 2 ROW 7
    Item 3 ROW 9
    Item 4 ROW 18

    and how to get an auto select or similar, so the customer only sees the shipping rates that apply to their zone?


    May 21 2016 05:43:40



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    A given product can have only one 'units' value. If for example you set it to the UK charge, the other zones would have to use a multiplier, perhaps for a 50% or 100% uplift.

    Alternatively you could write a user routine using shipping option 8. For this see option 8 and the variation.

    On what is the charge based? Size, weight? Do your values assume the customer order is for a single item? What would you charge for two of an item or for one of each item?

    Some shipping help documents are available at