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Paypal Problems

    May 22 2016 13:33:31



    Join date : 2009-06-26      Posts : 52

    Having problems with my PayPal connection via the cart
    This has been working fine but - I now get the following message from PayPal when I try to go through checkout.

    You are logging in to the account of the seller for this purchase. Please change your login information and try again.

    I get this message both when I view the shopping cart via mals update pages and if i try to use the cart from my website.

    Also I no longer see the 'personalised' paypal page set up through the cart - just the standard Paypal one.

    Any idea's what may have caused this?

    May 22 2016 14:16:18



    Join date : 2009-06-26      Posts : 52

    False Alarm. :)

    I was already logged in to my PayPal account on my computer - I guess Paypal realised I was both the buyer and the seller and through a wobbly.