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Adding CSS to dropdown boxes created in button maker

    Jun 07 2016 22:12:02



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    Firstly, I must apologise for my lack of knowledge with css and html coding! I am at my wits end, and wondered if someone would be gracious enough to help? I am trying to re-vamp my shop on my website and have always (and will continue to)use mals-ecommerce and love it - but, I need to style the drop down boxes, they look so basic and I want to create a css to them that will enhance the look and blend in with the style of my products page, but just don't know how? My website is hosted by and I use their webeditor to build my site and they do have a 'code' component which you can copy and paste any code into which inserts it into the page.... If any one could help (in dummy speak) I truly would be grateful!
    Big thanks