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PayPal Problems

    Jun 14 2016 20:19:53


    Ian S

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    We've suddenly started getting some issues with PayPal and the cart.

    We've always had the odd order that's shown as unpaid in the cart log when in fact the customer has paid, but now we're getting orders showing as paid when there is nothing listed on our PayPal account.

    Never had this happen before. Is anyone getting anything similar?

    We've also noticed that PayPal are suddenly putting about 90% of our transactions as 'withheld' so we don't get the amount in our account right away. They are in an area called 'E Bay non performer' though we don't sell anything via E Bay.

    I realise the second issue isn't really a Mals thing but would like to know if anyone else is having similar problems. Can't get any info from PayPal