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Re:PayPal rejects credit card

    Jun 16 2016 05:56:21



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    We have had so many problems with PayPal rejecting credit cards. Yours is the first plausible reason I have heard for this happening. I have asked PayPal about this issue 3 or 4 times over the past years and their response is always the same: Call us again with EACH customer's credit card, name, date of sale, etc. etc. which of course isn't possible. I am frustrated beyond belief with this issue because some customers just give up and we lose sales. The quickest solution I have found is every time I see an unpaid order in Mals, I email the customer asap offering to send them a directly payment link (Money Request) from PayPal. For some reason, their credit cards work fine, first time, using these links. I wish there was some way to force PayPal to recognize and correct this issue. Our solution, unfortunately, is to look at leaving PayPal over the next year.