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Re:Clients getting error on return after payment by paypal?

    Jul 05 2016 12:03:47



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    I'm having the same problem. I hope that this was fixed for all accounts.

    AnnieK2 said So i have had a few clients message this morning.. that their customers -- after paying at paypal and getting returned back to their site.. get an error message.

    Funny thing.. the orders are in the store admin.. and payment in paypal...

    the url that gives the error is a mals url.. you know like a

    so far I noticed they are all on the ww7 server line....
    anyone else having issues?

    the error simply states

    ERROR - Order number (then their order id number)

    Sorry, but there was an error processing your request.

    Please contact us if you have any questions

    I know its a holiday weekend here in the states and all.. but clients are getting mad since they are running holiday sales!?