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Yet another Paypal problem

    Jul 07 2016 06:24:29



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    I read all the other Paypal issues. This one just started on all my orders as of yesterday.

    Customer places order, pays through paypal. When payment is completed they are taken to a page that says that their payment has been declined.

    Nope, all their orders are actually paid. But the payment IPN does not do its thing, so my orders are showing as unpaid even though they are paid. But I am really miffed that the customers are being told that their payments are declined. Not cool.

    I have contacted Mal and I will post what he says. I feel bad for my customers, I had one lady put through a full complete order twice, then called me all upset because it told her that both her payments were declined even though she could see in her account that she ended up paying me twice. Not cool again. :(

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    Jul 18 2016 17:32:36


    Ian S

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    Hi Jamey,

    Did Mal get back to you on this.

    we've been having the same problem for a week or more


    Jul 18 2016 17:39:53



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    Hi Ian,

    Yes, Mal did get back to me, sorry I did not come back here to update.

    My circumstance was a bit different because when I get payments through paypal, they are pending and I close out the transaction when I am ready to.

    So I am not sure what Mal did, but he was able to get it corrected for me.

    If you are still having issues, I would contact him.

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