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World Pay & Callback URL

    Jul 12 2016 14:59:55



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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm currently in the process of changing my website from using PayPal standard (and its cart functionality) to using Mal's Cart and Worldpay as the payment processor.

    One thing that's confusing me a little is in the setup documentation of Mal's cart to work with Worldpay -

    "You should enter a Callback URL of:"

    (with the # to be altered to the correct server number)

    into the WorldPay configuration page, however "Callback URL" is not present, but "Payment Response URL" is present, is this the correct field to enter the URL?

    Also while I haven't upgraded to Premium yet, I will do as I know this is required to use WorldPay.

    Any help on this would be appreciated,

    many thanks,


    Jul 12 2016 16:01:41



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    Yes Daniel, use "Payment Response URL"

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