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From Buy it Now Button to 'Other' page with iframe of cart

    Jul 20 2016 01:06:47



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    As my first attempt at setting up a cart with Mal's actions in Softpress Freeway I was looking for the 'Buy It Now' Button to take the buyer to a custom page with the cart appearing in an iframe on the page.

    The link in the button is the correct one for the page and the page does work but I am still not seeing the custom page when I click on the 'Buy It Now' button. I only get the Shopping cart page and not within the iframe on the custom page.

    Also when clients wish to view they cart by using the 'Show Cart' button then I'd like this to take them to the custom page with the iframe with the shopping cart in it.

    Also wanted to see if it is possible using Mals scripts to have the cart content visible on the page with the items for sale so that the client can see the cart contents without having to click another button. The cart content would update on the actual shop page with a visit to the shopping cart page to checkout.

    Hope that this makes sense to people. If not then let me know.

    Many thanks for any helpful insights.