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Re:HELP - Templates not working - HELP

    Jul 22 2016 08:49:34



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    Debbie, I already have done and I received a polite scolding from Mal.

    1st reply - 'I think you've got in a mess with your templates, you seem to have uploaded your checkout page template to be the main cart page. I would recommend you delete all your templates and then upload them again. You can't skip the main cart page, it has lots of functionality in it.'

    So I deleted the Templates as requested and re-uploaded but to no avail.

    So I emailed him again and received the reply below.

    'Don't try to use your own templates, unless you are prepared to fix them when they don't work! - Mal'

    So I don't know whether he is going to re-instate my original templates or not, I sincerely hope so.

    I have had to revert back to using the V1 which looks pretty naff when using with a responsive website.

    Fingers crossed.

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