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Options not transfering to Cart

    Jul 27 2016 12:50:37



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    I'm trying to set up Color options for one of our products but the chosen Option doesn't seem to be transfering to the Cart.
    I have no idea what I am doing and I'm working by the ol' cut-n-paste method so not sure what I've left out (or added in!).
    I have posted a sample page to
    Also, how do I make one of the Options a default option?

    Jul 27 2016 20:47:23


    Debbie Q

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    Maybe you fixed it because the color is going to the cart just fine for me.

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    Jul 27 2016 22:08:30



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    Well, how about that.
    Only thing I did was post it 'live' so you could see it whereas before I was working on my server copy.
    I notice also that the First option becomes the default option so this answers my second question also. Thanks Debbie. Chris