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Not receiving order e-mail notifications

    Jul 28 2016 15:24:09



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    For the last 2 months, we have not been receiving the Mal's e-mail notifications of an orde receivedr. On occasion, we do receive the e-mail notification, but it 1 out of 20 orders. We've been with Mal's e for 5 years now (Premium account) and this has never been a problem until recently.

    This is becoming rather troublesome and we're hoping to resolve this. Any suggestions?

    Thank you & best regards,


    Jul 28 2016 17:27:32



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    Sounds to me like it's unique to you, so I would look at your email system, try sending to a different email address.

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    Jul 28 2016 22:20:46


    Debbie Q

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    Nope not unique to Patrick. My order notifications are also hit and miss. It can be quite frustrating. Patrick I do not know what email address you are using but some are more reliable than others. It is good practice to set up 2 email addresses so if you don't get it at one address you might get it at the other address.

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