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Add-on price option - productpr cart

    Aug 02 2016 22:38:12



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    using the addmulti script.

    I need to make an additional $4 custom name option for the Design#2 shirts on this page. I've tried various productpr and productpr[] sytax - so many that I've probably jumbled it all in my head. I need the productpr[] sytax due to different prices for different size shirts - but I also need to be able to charge $4 for the custom name addition.

    Suggestions? I've been through all the help examples I can find here, and I've googled, but can't seem to find the right combination of code to accomplish this.

    Aug 03 2016 09:22:08



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    Not Found

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    For the first priced product, use productpr1, for the second priced product use productpr2 etc etc.

    For an option for example to pick a color use product1[] or product2[] etc etc <<< square brackets... etc etc

    Don't forget, you'll need to pass a qty1 value and a qty2 value with the productpr1 and productpr2 etc etc. Possibly use a script to pass the qty1 to the qty2 value etc etc...

    This works...
    <p>Qty: <input type="text" name="qty1" size="1" value="" onchange="document.form.qty2.value=document.form.qty1.value; document.form.qty3.value=document.form.qty1.value"></p>

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