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Google Analytics & PayPal Payments

    Aug 04 2016 22:28:20


    Lynn Greene

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    I have a Premium Mals-e account accepting credit cards and PayPal payments.

    We are attempting to improve sales through Google AdWords and Analytics.

    Credit card payments are being recorded in Analytics for the most part - but, that's a different subject.

    We have determined that all PayPal payments are not being recorded in Analytics.

    The settings on my Mals PayPal Payment Processing Page are:
    -PayPal Payments Standard (should I be using Pro or something else?)
    - IPN
    - Send shipping and Tax as separate values to PayPal.
    - push all the products to the description
    - Authorization and capture

    Is there anything that needs to be changed for PayPal settings?

    Next, I am told that the problem for Analytics not recording PayPal transactions is that when payment is made, the buyer is taken to my Thank You page instead of the cart's Thank You page. Can I change the return page stored in PayPal to the shopping cart's Thank You page (if this is the problem)? If so, what is the return page link that I use for the shopping cart with my PayPal account identification?

    Thank you in advance!


    Greene Ware, Etc.