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Looking for an Add-On to hold items

    Aug 20 2016 03:19:57



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    I have customers that are frustrated that the cart does not hold items for very long. Is there an add-on that will allow a customer to have the cart hold items forever, or have a wish list that holds items? I looked through the list on the Mals site, but could not find one.

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    Aug 20 2016 09:21:00



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    You could use your own MySQL database and build PHP pages.

    The database would record the users account details, products viewed, wishlist, added to cart. Once they have logged back in, the database could bring up all previous visit details.

    Budget in the thousand $ area, getting the program built would be best outsourced to India.

    Mal doesn't do this as the cost fto apply this to all accounts would be HUGE....

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    Aug 20 2016 19:59:19


    Debbie Q

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    There is a script here that will alert the customer when their cart is about to expire. It might help a little.

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