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Discounts - 50% off second item

    Aug 24 2016 18:48:44



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    How do we set up the cart for the following?

    "Buy one item and receive the second 50% off on the one equal or lesser value."

    I'm afraid that when I set it up in the table, it will give 50% off the whole order. Only the 2nd item of equal or lesser value should be 50% off.

    Thanks so much in advance for response -

    Aug 25 2016 06:29:48



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    If you were doing this manually, I assume you'd take each individual item in the cart, and sort them in descending order of price. Then take 50% of the cost of the even numbered items.

    As you'll have seen in Admin, nothing like that is available. You can offer volume based discounts for individual products using discountpr instead of price, and GT has some BOGOF routines which might be modifiable.. See

    But the cart wide options are those described in Admin.

    Some shipping help documents are available at