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Download links and return link not working

    Aug 31 2016 08:37:47



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    I am using the free cart with DLGuard and PayPal and for six years everything has worked fine and then last week customers stopped seeing the download link after paying at PayPal and they're not getting the email with the download link. I haven't changed anything for several months. I have since updated to the latest version of DLGuard (5.1) but that didn't fix the issue.

    When I do a test purchase I too don't get returned to the DLGuard download page on my site and I don't get the email with the download link. However, if I manually go to the return link I see my purchase information and am able to download my product file. The purchases are also all being registered in DLGuard so I don't think the issue is with DLG, it's more likely an issue with the string being sent by Mal's cart or with how PayPal is interpreting it. PayPal haven't replied to my support ticket for about a week now.

    Is anyone else experiencing issues with DLGuard and has anything been changed with Mals's cart in the last week or so that could possibly stop these features working?

    Thanks in advance.

    Aug 31 2016 09:04:33



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    The only person to ask is Mal, you can contact him at the foot of this page.

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    Mal's Forms / Scripts and the syntax are here.

    Aug 31 2016 10:46:41



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    Mal recommended that I switch to PayPal Express and that fixed the problem.