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Re:Need Help Adding Separate Free Ship for 3 Items

    Sep 02 2016 12:50:59



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    Only one shipping zone is used for one order.

    Your sample code suggests that the three soaps can be different items in which case if you have a Premium account it is fairly straighforward.

    At present you appear to have option 4 and somethng like
    1 ____ 7.95
    1 ____ 3.95
    rest __ 0.95

    To keep your current shipping charges for 1 or 2 items, in Advanced shipping specify 'based on the total quantity of items' and
    The first 1 unit is charged 7.95 each
    The next 1 item is charged 3.95 each
    The next 1 item is charged -11.90 each

    Keep repeating these lines in the table and the charge is 0 for any multiple of 3.

    If you wish to limit this offer to certain products, you have to change to option 5 and add the string &units=1 to your regular products.

    Then define the 'free shipping offer' product which is a package of three. For this product you can add the string &units=0, or it will be assumed if you do not specify a units value. Then this product will not be included in the shipping calculation.

    Some shipping help documents are available at