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Hiding SKU / Scodes

    Sep 06 2016 22:46:37


    Ian S

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    Weíve previously not use the SKU / Scode feature but now wish to do so for our stock control system.

    We donít particularly want our customers to see the codes

    The product codes donít appear on the customers e mailed order acknowledgement but do appear on our e mailed order notification Ė this is ok.

    The Scodes arenít shown on the cart page as the customer is adding products to his order. Again ok.

    When we log into admin and view a customers order the Scodes are shown before each product line. The code is tagged onto the front of the product description and is a little confusing as there is no heading over the column saying what the code is (as there is for Qty, Product, Price and Amount) and only a 1 character gap before the product description.

    This isnít much of a problem for us but weíve realised that the Scodes are shown when the customer views his order using the order processing system (by clicking on the link in his acknowledgment e mail). They appear with the same poor layout.

    Does anyone know if itís possible to hide the Scode from the order listing when the customer views it via the order processing link?

    Alternatively can the layout of the order as itís shown in Admin be customised so we can add a column title or change the spacing of the columns?


    Sep 07 2016 08:28:15



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    Contact Mal - Link at the bottom of this page.

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    Sep 08 2016 13:03:37


    Ian S

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    I contacted Mal as recommended by Don.

    The Scode should not have been sown on he order listing the customer sees when they log into their order history.

    He has now fixed this and the Scodes are hidden