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    Sep 10 2016 16:15:34



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    Hi, I have a premium account but have just been using the standard shipping. Using option 6 I just defined 5 zones as UK standard, Europe Standard, Europe Tracked, Worldwide Standard and Worldwide Tracked. Pretty basic I know and I did get the odd customer choosing the wrong zone.

    But I would like to include some small items which would fit into a UK larger letter size and would also be cheaper for overseas customers and I wondered which would be the best option. I have read the guidance that has been posted on a link in some of the replies to other shipping questions but can't seem to get my head around it.

    Some advice would be great please?

    Sep 10 2016 18:07:49



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    Why not use 'Option 7' and use the 'units' syntax...

    For example, give the smaller / lighter items a units value of 1 and the normal items a units value of 10.

    If you feel someone might order 10 of the smaller item, make units 20 for the normal items...

    Then have your shipping zones and units reflect the charges, for example...

    Up to 10 units, the new shipping charge for UK etc for the lighter / smaller item.

    Over 10 units, charge what you are charging now.

    Hope it helps.

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