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Advanced Shipping

    Sep 23 2016 18:28:57



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    I'm setting up advanced shipping, and enter my info setting it to 'bands'. I find nothing that says 'SAVE'. So, when I come back, only half of my shipping info is in the table, the bottom half is gone. I reenter, and same thing happens. I need some step by step instructions, as everything is so vague, I have no clue what I'm supposed to do to save this and make it work. THEN.......What makes it active after I manage to figure out how to save it? :-)

    Sep 24 2016 08:23:34



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    One way to save is clicking on the text 'Update option'. Another, depending on circumstances is to click on the file folder icon with the green + sign ('Update zone' when you hover over it).

    I wrote some advice several years ago - but I think that preceded the icons.

    The tables should be used if Advanced shipping is clicked on in Admin/Cart setup, the corresponding radio button selected and you click on Submit.

    You may wish to specify 'Links to zones'.

    Some shipping help documents are available at