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PayPal unverified payments in red

    Sep 27 2016 22:33:00


    Erica Ratcliffe

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    my website payments are showing up as unverified payments in red on my orders this is happening more and more recently these days. my account with paypal is excellent so there no issues there. please can you advise if there is anything i can do to stop this or do i need to change any setting to stop this?
    Many thanks erica

    Oct 03 2016 12:06:54



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    I think this is a duplicate of my thread:

    I think PayPal has changed the way it is processing credit/debit card payments for people without a PayPal account.

    Castlegate IT

    Oct 10 2016 13:58:01


    Ian S

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    We were experiencing similar problems of many more than usual customers not completing their PayPal payments in late July this year and e mailed and asked for Mals advice.

    He suspected the problem was due to a change in the way PayPal returned customers to the cat and suggested that under the PayPal options in Mals cart set-up we select the option to 'return the customer direct to your website using the return link from your cart set-up'

    Then also enable the IPN option.

    This fixed the problem right away and since then we have far few uncompleted PayPal payment than we ever have - in fact to see an uncompleted PayPal payment is a rarity now.