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Stripe gateway experience

    Oct 05 2016 14:40:00


    Simon Clay

    Join date : 2009-02-19      Posts : 43

    When using PayPal as the payment method, after filling out their address the customer is redirected to the PayPal site to enter payment details.

    My question is: With Stripe, is the customer taken away to the stripe website for payment details or is it all handled within Mals cart?

    Oct 05 2016 16:57:51



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 3235

    All payment processors are external to Mals.

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    Oct 06 2016 10:46:12


    Simon Clay

    Join date : 2009-02-19      Posts : 43

    Thanks, you mean that every gateway integrated with Mal will leave the mal cart to go to a different webpage to make payment?