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Quantity defaults

    Oct 06 2016 05:29:19



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    Hi, My quantity defaults are '1' and if a customer wants to change the quantity they need to input their number then press 'recalculate'.
    Is there a way that the quantity and price can recalculate simply by the customer pressing 'enter' as they leave that box?
    To me this seems the more logical action that a user would take.
    Alternatively, can I edit the page to add a line of text to tell users to press 'recalculate' if they change the quantity.

    Oct 06 2016 08:13:36



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    Not to my knowledge... Why not have the qty box enpty? Then the buyer can enter their own number on the web page?

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    Oct 06 2016 15:52:41



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    Sorry to butt into this thread - we tried that GT when we first started and found customer not putting a number in then getting phone calls as to why they did not what they expected.
    Really depends on your customer knowledge levels.

    thekiteman - do you mean in the shopping cart page or on your website?
    We have a box with "1" in which customers can change if they wish and then an "ADD TO BASKET" button they have to press on our site.

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    Oct 06 2016 23:32:45



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    Our site is a 'one off', we don't get repeat customers therefore customer knowledge levels would be pretty low so I think a blank box would get us lots of orders for nothing.
    Cassie75, we have a 'buy me' button on the website that transfers straight to the cart page where the default qty is '1'.
    If there was some way I could simply add a line of text to say "Don't forget to press Recalculate if you've changed the qty', but I seem to have used up all of the available text sections. If there is no way to add a new text block, I can always edit one of the existing text blocks to add this phrase but it would be better as a stand alone phrase. Thanks Chris
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    Oct 07 2016 01:34:51


    Debbie Q

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    Why not use a form to add your product to the cart so they can put a quantity while they are on your page?

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    Oct 07 2016 02:57:29



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    Debbie Q said Why not use a form to add your product to the cart so they can put a quantity while they are on your page?

    Ummm, nice idea. I'll investigate it. Thanks Chris