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Remote call script doesn't send customer receipt

    Oct 17 2016 02:03:04



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    Someone has written a remote call script for my website. That has worked fine for years, but recently I changed to another SMTP server (the domain name of my website is still the same) and the script doesn't seem to send customer receipts anymore.

    In the remote call script I can't find any reference of a mail server, so I don't know exactly how to solve this problem. Is there somebody who can help me by taking a look at the script? Of course I will pay for your time.


    Oct 17 2016 08:10:53



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    What have you got set up at Mals for email?

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    Mal's Forms / Scripts and the syntax are here.

    Oct 18 2016 00:01:33



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    I see that customer receipts are sent actually, but the bcc of that receipt (that we have set up) is delivered in the email box of my old email provider. Which is weird because the namerservers of my domain point to my new provider. So this doesn't seem to be related to Mal at all. I will investigate why this is happening. Thanks for your help!