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    Oct 19 2016 16:25:43


    Francie Stull

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    With mOrders not being supported any longer, what are people using to archive their customers? mOrders has been my companion and best friend for well over a decade.

    My main question is a simple one. I have never used the automatic emails and don't know how to edit the Templates. When I open them, they are an .htm Is there an easier way of editing them than to go into an htm editor to do it?

    I want to automatically send the customer a tracking number. Will that have to go in the "Additional Message" area? Like, is there a way to plug it into the main part of the letter?

    thanks for any help, Francie

    Oct 20 2016 20:25:34


    Francie Stull

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 9

    So, nobody answered my question of what people are using instead of mOrders. I have spent a week trying to reinstall the mOrders, but it is unstable and keeps locking up. This is frustrating.

    In sending the automatic email, I did figure out how to insert the #AdditionalMessage into the body of the email. Is there any way to know who I have sent an email to? Do you just make notes on each order?

    Oct 21 2016 03:43:36


    Debbie Q

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    Have you checked out or tried the order processing email system in admin? That is what it is for. It lets you mark an order as shipped and send the customer a confirmation number and or message.

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    Oct 21 2016 09:03:10


    Ian S

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    As Debbie says, the order processing features in admin is a usefull tool though we've not managed to work out how to set up the templates for e a mails.

    We also use mOrders for checking orders, printing dispatch notes and invoices, and downloading data into our sales and accounts system, but again we've never got the e mail feature in mOrders to work properly.

    Just because mOrders isn't being supported / developed anymore it is still a useable and powerful tool and Mal will still give advice on it when required.

    What version are you trying to re-install?

    We had to do an install on a new PC running Windows 10 quite recently and it runs perfectly well.