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Need help adding Options to NetObjects Catalogs

    Oct 27 2016 11:14:03



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    I have a question regarding the hidden values (Options) in NetObjects ecommerce catalogs.

    Do I have to use a combined list of all hidden variables (sizes, colors, styles, etc) or can each catalog have its own set of variables (Men's Jackets/Vests, Women's Jackets/Vests, Chaps, Lens Color for Eyewear, Ring Size, etc)?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

    Oct 27 2016 13:47:47



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    I think you're asking the wrong forum, try...

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    Oct 29 2016 20:27:37



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    I posted to the NetObjects Forum also, but never got an answer.

    By doing some testing on my own, I figured it out. You have to list everything together. You cannot have separate lists.