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Paypal confirmed address

    Oct 30 2016 16:11:56



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    I have a pro Mal's account, and a standard Paypal account, is there anything I can do on my end to get the shipping name and address entered at checkout over to Paypal? Or is this just a confirmed address thing with Paypal that each customer has to take care of while paying with Paypal? Would a Paypal payments advanced or payments pro account take care of this??? Would using something other than Paypal for taking payments be a better solution?
    I have a customer who is putting her business name and address in the form at checkout, but when the order shows up in Paypal on my end her personal name is what is on the shipping address. (In this situation her post office will not deliver a package to her personal name at that address, so twice now her packages have come back to me Attempted Not Known and I am eating the shipping)

    Nov 14 2016 15:10:27


    Danielle F

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    I have Paypal premium and the same happens when they pay with paypal. It defaults and the customer has to manually edit it. It's a pain in the butt. I just shipped an item to the wrong address for this reason.

    When you create the label, you can edit it in there before you pay for it, but if you don't know to change it for other orders then it's a constant hassle.

    I have never figured out how to get this corrected, that shipping address in Ma's is the shipping on Paypal for Paypal-paid orders. It works fine for credit cards.
    I want to ditch the Paypal payment portion of it, but don't know if we can.