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Re:No payment completed IPNs? (Pay status: unknown)

    Nov 01 2016 12:57:41



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    I also posted this question into the PayPal community forum - they have responded acknowledging the problem:

    "We are aware of this and raised this internally. At the moment the system doesn't send an IPN in this scenario. There is an ask in with our development teams to have an IPN issued once the IC+ payment clears, unfortunately I don't have an ETA though. In the interim, you could optionally use the GetTransactionDetails API to ping for transaction status after 2 days to confirm completion."


    - so a potential workaround for Mal's but it looks like a job of work.

    Should also have added that the whole 'Interchange plus' thing seems to be a pricing model you can select for PayPal Pro accounts, and I'm not sure if it applies outside of the UK/EU.

    Some more information about it here:

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