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email system in admin?

    Nov 16 2016 23:22:31


    Francie Stull

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    Debbie Q posted:

    Have you checked out or tried the order processing email system in admin? That is what it is for. It lets you mark an order as shipped and send the customer a confirmation number and or message.
    Can you expand on this? I don't know where to find this tool, where we can mark an order shipped or send a confirmation number. I am sure it is simple, but tell me where it is, ok?



    Nov 17 2016 02:20:19


    Debbie Q

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    You click on current orders and then click on the order you want to work with. On the right hand side is a bunch of order processing stuff. One is a radio button where you can mark it as shipped. One is a link that opens a box that lets you send the customer an email with their tracking information and stuff. Other actions are...

    Add a note for the customer
    Edit this order
    Resend customer receipt
    Display order details
    Archive this order

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    Nov 18 2016 22:05:01


    Francie Stull

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    I did find the area that you are speaking of, BUT I can't find where I can send them the tracking number, nor can I customize their packing sheet, right? I do appreciate your patience with this.