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Gift Certificate disappeared

    Nov 23 2016 04:21:59



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    Edited: Found the certificate. I don't know why, but when you go into edit the order, that is where is has disappeared from. But when you click to view the order, then it is showing on the order.

    I just had a weird thing happen. Earlier today I had someone buy a gift certificate. All was well, I collected payment, issued the certificate, all fine.

    Later someone else bought a gift certificate along with a couple other items. I collected payment, issued the certificate and problem. The gift certificate disappeared from the order. Luckily all the info for the certificate is in the cart setup.

    The problem is, because I collect the payment, that is what triggers the order confirmation being sent to the customer. Well, the order confirmation has been sent, with the gift certificate information missing. Why would the gift certificate disappear from the order after being issued?

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